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    Paintless Dent Repair

    What is Paintless Dent Repair?

    Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the process of removing minor dents, door dings and hail damage with the use of custom made tools designed to work behind the vehicle’s panels. This allows one of Auto Body Specialists’ highly skilled professionals to gently massage and reshape the dented metal back to it’s original condition without the need for a conventional repair.
    The paintless dent repair process allows the customer’s vehicle to preserve it’s original factory paint finish, which is a very important part of preserving not only the appearance of your vehicle but, the value as well. Paintless dent repair is an excellent alternative choice for vehicles with small to medium size dents, with no broken or cracked paint, that are not located near the edge of the panel. Some times aluminum panels can also be repaired using this method but due to it’s lack of memory aluminum is a bit more tricky and may require a conventional repair. In most cases the repair can be done by the end of the work day. Where as using the conventional repair method for those same dents can leave the customer without their vehicle for a few days. Paintless dent repair is very often the preferred method of repairing those unsightly blemishes due to it’s efficiency. It saves not only time but also can be very cost effective as well.
    To learn more regarding our PDR process here at Auto Body Specialists, Inc. please stop in or give us a call at (815)397-6199.