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June 11, 2020


Unexpected things happen, to include car accidents. Nobody leaves his or her home in the morning anticipating the need to contact an auto collision repair specialist. Whether your car crash is a fender bender or a more serious collision, having a car restored to its pre-collision status is something most people dread. Why? Quality and time, plain and simple, we all want our vehicle repaired to the way it was before our accident and we want it back as soon as possible. However, sometimes cost, time and quality don’t add up. The auto body and paint shop you work with can make a huge impact on your future opinions regarding auto body shops, so it’s important to select a high quality, reputable company.

When your vehicle is involved in a collision, auto body work is the first step one takes to repair the damage. There are many facets involved when restoring your vehicle back to its original quality. Collision repair entails a detailed inspection to determine the level of damage both structural, auto body and paint that is needed for the project. Once the car has been cleared mechanically the pre-collision restoration can begin. Quality manufactured parts and the painting process used will determine the quality of repair you ultimately receive.

Color matching is very important and it takes a great deal of skill to match the color of your car’s paint for several reasons. First, slight variations in color occur and matching these variations can be tricky. This can occur for several reasons to include the age of the car, sun and weather exposure and atmospheric oxidation.

Most modern auto body shops that provide quality collision repair, dent repair and vehicle painting have highly advanced paint-matching technology. These modern facilities should have computerized paint-matching equipment to aid in the process of matching your vehicle paint as closely as possible. Unfortunately, not all body shops invest in automotive painting systems that provide superior paint matching.

It’s easy to be confused when involved in an accident so its important to establish a relationship with a high quality auto repair shop prior to needing their services. This is simple to do, ask your friends and ask your family to get a good idea of a few reputable companies, as there are plenty of questionable ones too. Once you have narrowed down a few choices do some research, visit their websites and look into their ratings, reviews and testimonials. Next you should contact the company to discover the full range of services they provide, to make sure they fit your needs. Once you feel comfortable with the company add them to your contacts on your mobile phone as you never know when you might need to contact them.

When working with a reputable auto collision and auto body paint shop to have your car restored, what seemed like a major headache and inconvenience should turn into a slight inconvenience and pleasant experience. So make sure you shop around for an auto body shop that meets the highest quality standards for you and that provides excellent customer service. You, your family, your time and your car are worth it!

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