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Rockford OEM Certified & The Importance of Using OEM Parts in Your Vehicle

January 5, 2021

Rockford OEM Certified & The Importance of Using OEM Parts in Your Vehicle

There are few things as unexpected and unpleasant as a car accident, but sadly they can happen, and when they do, could wind up costing you more than you realize. In times like these, you need a Rockford OEM certified auto body shop to fix your car with manufacturer’s parts that are built to last. Unfortunately, however, your insurance company may have a different plan for your vehicle’s repairs.


What Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You

Have you ever gotten your car back after an accident-related repair and realize something doesn’t feel right? It’s not long after that your car is back in the shop replacing the same parts, but this time your insurance company isn’t covering the bill. 

When a claim is put through to your insurance company, their first objective isn’t always to fix your car the best way possible. There are times when your insurance company may search for the cheapest way to repair your car, and this often involves a mechanic of their choosing who installs aftermarket parts.


The ABS Solution

Rockford OEM Auto Body Shops like ABS work with your car manufacturer to ensure your vehicle is repaired using certified OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. This is a key advantage to the OEM Collision Network Programs  from your car manufacturer and your safeguard to protect you and your vehicle from unreliable and potentially dangerous aftermarket parts.


If you’ve suffered a car accident in the Rockford area and want to guarantee your car is repaired by the best in the business, the experts at ABS will get the job done properly using only OEM parts & protocols. 

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